Saturday, July 4, 2009

This house is a circus, beserkus, fuck.

These things happened last night:
We meet a drunk Native girl named Sky. She wanders over to our drinking stoop eating spare ribs and wearing no underwear.

30 year old douchebag named Paul Benoit wanders over to the stoop as well.

Cailyn comments on the level of his douchebagness and he throws a cigarette at her.

I push him, Ashley burns a hole in his sweater and Sky threatens to kill him with an empty bottle of Olde English malt liquor.
He leaves and Sky opts to smash the bottle on the sidewalk instead.

People threaten to call the police, so we leave.Quick.

We arrive at some bar and I receive a text from my roommate saying our basement neighbours apartment has been broken into again.

We head to my roof to watch the cops come; a favourite past time.

The cops are gone by the time we stumble home but we still decide to sit on my roof.

Ac Slater opts to climb the tree beside my roof.

Ac Slater falls out of said tree, knocking himsef unconcious.

We think he's dead.

A cop car, ambulance and fire truck arrive.

They take Ac to the hospital where he is treated for a severe concussion and a shit load of cuts.

the best part:

Paramedic talking to a barely concious Ac laying in a bush:"Do you remember how you landed?"

Barely concious Ac:" Uhh, on my feet I think"

We love you Ac! Get better soon!

Cailyn, Ac and the legendary Sky, straight out of jail for attempted murder

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